Image of In Oblivion
  • Image of In Oblivion

In Oblivion

by Seismograph



“Oblivion is a garden.” This is the center of Portland, OR artist Jonathan Ioviero’s new album under the Seismograph moniker, In Oblivion. “It’s an empty space that you’re free to fill with whatever you want.” Each song on the album is a view of this idea at different angles, some good, some bad; all stemming from his fondness for solitude. “I’ve spent the last few years trying to be more aware of how my anxiety affects my life and how to better deal with that, and I think this album is a reflection of some of those thoughts.”

Self-recorded between 2014 and 2016, featuring vocals from Kate Davis (Pat Moon) and Kyle J. Reigle (Cemeteries), In Oblivion is Ioviero’s warmest and most mindfully present album. The cold tonality of 2014’s Tundra Divine has been replaced with live drums, analog synths, and distorted guitars. This more direct songwriting led to songs that fall heavier and lighter than before, ranging from doom-inspired opener “Fell Ground” to the acoustic pop of “A Garden Shrine,” while the album still flows as a cohesive whole.

Limited to 30 pale green cassettes.

01. Fell Ground
02. Divinations
03. In Oblivion
04. Setting Stones
05. Wander/Trespass
06. Servoss House
07. You Will Feel the Reap
08. Seasonless
09. Every Sky Is Mine
10. A Garden Shrine
11. Harvest Stone (For Kaguya)