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  • Image of Tundra Divine

Tundra Divine

by Seismograph



Tundra Divine is an album that deals with loss and acceptance, ice and sun, isolation and clarity. I recorded it alone over 12 months, starting in my parent’s basement in Medina, NY and ending in my bedroom in Portland, OR. The initial concept was inspired equally by the death of a friend and a few Arctic-based books I was reading before/after, along with my occasionally overwhelming introversion. The title refers to a mental state, a “place” to isolate yourself in and leave everything behind, which paralleled the explorers I was reading about surprisingly well. I took the devout Christianity I saw during his death and in those books and turned it towards the planet instead. I guess I liked the idea of Earth being “holy” or “divine,” of someone worshiping nature and turning to the sea for guidance in times of tragedy.

Each song stands alone as its own idea, but as I began stuffing more and more half-realized concepts and references into them they started to form a sort of subconscious narrative, like one of those pictures made out of a bunch of smaller ones (photo mosaic?). I’ve kind of lost sight of what this album even is anymore, but I’m excited to share it and hope you get something meaningful out of it.

Each tape includes five double-sided lyric cards and unique labels.

Limited to 50 hand-numbered, translucent pink cassettes.

Tundra Divine:
01. Tableau (Sun)
02. Sungazer
03. In Holy Abyss
04. Salt Calms
05. Wide Earth Choir
06. Tableau (Ice)
07. Iceworm
08. Inuit / Silna
09. Polar Hymn
10. Kodiak Rising
11. Unearth the Sun